COR Audits

Whether you have a company of two employees or two hundred, The SDI Group can support you in achieving a small or large employer Certificate of Recognition (COR). Currently, The SDI Group works with a number of certifying partners through the Partners in Injury Reduction (PIR) program to support our clients in achieving a COR. A COR offers WCB premium rate discounts to employers who have successfully implemented health, safety and disability management programs and have achieved a COR standard set by their certifying partner.

We build Health and Safety Management Systems that meet your needs first. From there we support in achieving and maintaining a Certificate of Recognition in Health and Safety. We are certified auditors and work with seven certifying partners. SDI Group provides a wide range of courses and training based on your needs. We typically do what is called maintenance contracts where we would come in to support in managing your Health and Safety and system with your team. This saves the client a number of costs with overhead and time.

Currently, a 10% rebate on WCB premiums is paid to first time COR holders, as a minimum return on investment, which increases employer commitment and desire to enroll into this program. In addition, employers are also eligible for the other two measurements in PIR – improving your performance and maintaining industry leadership. Achieving these two measurements could push the total premium refund to 20%. In year two of the program the incentive for maintaining a COR reverts to a 5% discount, but participants can still earn up to a maximum rebate of 20% for industry leadership or improved performance.

The SDI Group works with the following certifying partners:

  • Alberta Safety Council
  • Alberta Construction Safety Association
  • Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Association
  • Manufacturers’ Health and Safety Association
  • Continuing Care Safety Association
  • Energy Safety Canada
  • Alberta Food Processors Association