Indigenous Partnerships

  SDI Mobile was founded by Mr. David Williamson and Ms. Rosalie Gray who is a First Nation member of Enoch Cree Nation.  SDI Mobile believes a strong partnership embraced as a core competency and embedded into the organizational culture.  SDI Mobile is dedicated to creating .a workplace which is inclusive and honoring of Indigenous Peoples’ history, culture and heritage.  SDI Mobile recognizes First Nation, Inuit and Metis Indigenous Rights under the Constitution of Canada and respects their connection with the land and its natural resources.

The SDI Group and SDI Mobile works in and around Indigenous traditional territories, including Treaty, Metis lands and communities.  The SDI Group and SDI Mobile are committed to the implementation of its Indigenous inclusion policy by:

  1. Maintaining cultural competency means a set of congruent behaviors, attitudes and policies that come together in a system, agency or profession that enables that system, agency or profession to achieve cultural diversity and to work effectively in cross-cultural situations.
  2. Committed to building a workforce that is representative of the community served in order to provide quality, client centered experiences to patients, customers, clients, residents and families.
  3. The management of this policy including policy education, monitoring, implementation and amendment is the responsibility of the Director, Representative Workforce and Indigenous Health.
  4. A commitment to identifying and implementing programs that will assist in the development of a broader and more diverse pool of skilled and experienced employees.
  5. We value a workplace culture that is respectful of inclusion and diversity. There is zero tolerance for bullying, discriminating, harassing victimizing or vilifying behaviors. This is achieved through continuously educating our employees and contractors on the standards the SDI Group and SDI Mobile expects of its employees.
  6. We committed to engaging with Indigenous communities where we have activities. Meaningful engagement and consultation begin with respecting the rights of Indigenous peoples, whose legally recognized lands and traditional territories are within or in close proximity to the areas where we operate.
  7. Maintain the highest health and safety standards for all Indigenous workers, sub-contractors and vendors.
  8. The need for honest and fair dialogue with Indigenous peoples regarding both the impacts of Company operations and our ability to respond to their interests and aspirations.
  9. Building and sustaining long-term relationships with Indigenous people that span the project lifecycle.
  10. In consultation and engagement activities to ensure the voices of the leadership, elders, youth and community members are heard; and in promoting education, employment, community investment and economic development opportunities for Indigenous people.