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SDI Occupational Hygiene

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Occupational Hygiene

Workplace Environment
Occupational Hygiene Services - Hazardous Materials Assessments, Management Plans and Removal Management

SDI Group can anticipate, recognize, evaluate and control health hazards in the working environment with the objective of protecting worker health and well-being and safeguarding the community at large.

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Workplace Environment

Hazardous Materials

The SDI Group can provide complete services for the development and implementation of strategies relating to hazardous materials, including Hazardous Materials Assessments, Management Plans and Removal Management (i.e. asbestos air monitoring and assessments).

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

We offer a complete range of IAQ services, from initial assessments to complete evaluation programs as well as emergency response services to any situation.

Mould Assessments

The SDI Group offers complete services in the area of mould assessment, using both non-intrusive and intrusive investigative techniques in a variety of settings, including residential, office, and industrial settings.

Chemical Storage & Inventories

The SDI Group’s expert staff provides complete on-site chemical inventory services. We have the experienced personnel to ensure an accurate account of your chemical inventory and ensure all chemicals are stored properly.

Noise Monitoring
Noise Monitoring

Assessments and surveys are required for a vast range of workplace activities from manufacturing, construction, schools and office environments. Often only small areas of these organizations may pose a risk to health and the set up of simple safeguards and working practices can resolve any potential problems caused by elevated noise levels.

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Indoor Noise Levels Exposure

Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Compliance

The SDI Group assesses workplace noise exposure to ensure employers comply with the Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Act, Regulation and Code.

Noise Zone Identification

Plotting noise levels onto a site plan helps identify where “hearing protection zones” need to be set up enabling managers to appreciate where concerns exist and for staff to know where protection should be worn.

Hearing Conservation Programs

The SDI Group has also helped to build hearing conservation programs which have included, but are not limited to: yearly noise measurements, education and training, hearing protection selection, engineered and administrative noise control, posting of noise hazard areas, audiometric (hearing) testing and annual program review.

Occupational Exposure Monitoring
Occupational Exposure Monitoring

Many people are exposed to a variety of hazardous substances at work that can, under certain circumstances, have a harmful effect on their health. The SDI Group conducts occupational exposure monitoring for firms for various chemical hazards.

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Hazardous Substances Exposure

Personal Monitoring Campaigns

The SDI Group is available to undertake a wide range of personal monitoring campaigns, for all types of hazardous substances, in accordance with the latest monitoring methods and techniques. A hazardous substance can occur in many forms; for example: solids, liquids, vapours, gases, dust, fibres, fumes, mist and smoke.

Safety, Health & Environmental Legislation Compliance

SDI Group  recognizes that our clients need solutions, rather than just define problems, and we call upon our extensive experience within our organization to assist firms in complying with Safety, Health and Environmental Legislation.

Full Interpretive Reports

Upon completion of the exposure monitoring, a full interpretive report will be provided where all analysis results will be related to current occupational exposure limits, with recommendations and advice provided on how to reduce employee exposure where necessary.