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Occupational Screening Services

Drug and Alcohol Testing
Drug & Alcohol Testing

The SDI Health helps ensure a healthy and safe work environment  through providing valid drug and alcohol testing to meet the  requirements of your drug and alcohol policy.

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Drug & Alcohol Testing

We provide Point of Collection Express or Lab-Based Testing

Whether you are looking for Pre-Employment, Post Incident or Pre-Access screening, we can assist. Our partnership with eScreen, provides additional testing options.

Top Technology & Labs in Canada

We use the best technology, work with the top rated labs in Canada and  are associated with an experienced Medical Review Officer.

SDI provides DOT & NON-DOT Testing

The SDI Health certified technicians provide DOT and NON-DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing services to meet your needs.

Private & Confidential Testing Services

Our team will travel to your site to provide private and confidential testing services. Located in Nisku, our office also accepts appointments, or walk in services for your convenience.

Alcohol Testing
SDI Occupational Screening Services - Drug and Alcohol Screening

Alcohol testing determines the current alcohol level in a person’s body.  The level can be used to indicate whether someone is impaired and/or unable to safely perform their work duties.

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Breath & Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)

Trained & Certified SDI Health Technicians

At SDI Health, our technicians conduct alcohol testing using a RBT IV Alco-Sensor IV device. Each technician is trained and certified based on U.S. DOT
(United States Department of Transportation) standards.

Drug Testing
Drug Testing

SDI Health occupational drug and alcohol screening technicians perform express testing, or collect the sample and send it to our Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) certified laboratory.

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Types of Drug Testing

Express (pre-screen)

  • Tests can be conducted at our testing facility or we can come to your workplace
  • Immediate release of negative test results
  • Non-negative results are sent to our lab to confirm the levels of the substance detected in the body

Lab Based

  • We collect your specimen and send it straight to our lab
  • No results will be given at time of collecting
  • Allows us to determine the level of multiple drugs using a single sample
  • Confirms non-negative screening results
  • Negative results should be released in 24 hours, positive samples may take up to 72 hours

Audiometric Testing
SDI Audio - Mobile Audiometric Testing

Under current legislation all workers must undergo audiometric exams (hearing tests) when exposed to noises greater than 85 dBA in the workplace. SDI Audio ensures that audiometric tests are valid using standardized equipment and protocols across the country, completed by our certified technicians.

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Complete Hearing Conservation Programs

SDI Audio Mobile Testing

Our SDI Audio mobile unit comes to you, saving you time and the expense of off-site testing.   We test employees one at a time to ensure the confidentiality of test results.

Baseline & Follow-up Testing

Baseline test is to be completed within the first 6 months of employment, another test must be completed within a year and then conducted every two years unless there is a change in hearing results.

Compliance with Legislative Requirements

The SDI Group also provides complete hearing conservation programs to ensure compliance with legislative requirements designed to protect employees from noise induced hearing loss. We also offer individual testing scheduled at each employee’s convenience.

Functional Testing
Functional Fitness Evaluation

A functional fitness evaluation (FFE) is a series of function tests to mirror the physical demands of the specific position a candidate will be employed in. These tests are conducted based on the clients Physical Demands Analysis that documents all the physical requirements of the position and job tasks.

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Functional Fitness Evaluation (FFE)

Benefits of a Functional Fitness Evaluation (FFE)

Workplace injuries can have both a costly and sociological efforts on the employer and the employee. The FFE is designed to reduce the risk of being injured at the workplace to ensure the candidate is physically able to perform the duties of the position they are performing. Research shows that FFEs can reduce employee injuries.

Uses of a Functional Fitness Evaluation

Pre-employment: Dramatically reduces the chance of injury by ensuring the candidate is able to perform the tasks of a job they need to perform.
Post-injury return to work: Ensuring employees are ready to return to work to through an assessment to ensure there is not a risk of further injury.
Transfer Positions: Ensuring employees are physically ready to take on new job tasks to avoid injury.

SDI Group FFE Partners

The functional fitness evaluation is based on a Physical Demands Analysis (PDA) that meets the job tasks occupational requirements. A PDA is job specific for the job tasks being performed and is used by one of our certified professionals such as: a kinesiologist, ergonomist, occupational therapist, or physiotherapist.