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Custom Hearing Protection

Exposure to loud noises, such as heavy equipment and music, can cause wear-and-tear damage to the ears, eventually resulting in hearing loss. These noises also increase your risk of developing tinnitus, known as ringing in the ears.

The SDI Group designs custom earplugs (molds) you can wear to block harmful, constant, and disruptive noises, resulting in hearing loss. Custom earmolds are designed to preserve your hearing and support your lifestyle and occupational needs.

Types of Custom Hearing Protection Available:

  • Ear Defenders protect your ears against harmful noises from construction and industrial equipment and other occupational hazards. These earmolds are recommended for individuals who want to preserve their hearing and avoid irreversible hearing damage.
  • Swim Molds are made of soft, 100% inflatable silicone for comfortable wear while you’re underwater. Swim molds are designed with a tight seal to prevent water from entering the ears while swimming and engaging in water sports, other recreational activities and daily showering for those prone to chronic ear infections.
  • Musician Molds are designed for musicians and sound crews to protect you from hearing loss by providing flat noise attenuation for accurate hearing. It is essential to hit the right notes and reduce feedback from musical instruments while still hearing excellent sound quality without damaging your ears in the entertainment industry.
  • Communication Molds allow you to hear conversations and other sounds around you while working or attending social events, as well as blocking excessively loud and harmful noises. These earmolds are recommended for those working in law enforcement, security, and customer service and enhance sound quality from two-way radio and cell communication as it filters out noise.

We offer the convenience of on-site testing through our expert staff for your convenience.

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SDI Custom Earplugs

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