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Drug and Alcohol Screening

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Whether you are looking for Point of Collection Express or Lab-Based testing we can help, we even partnered up with eScreen to provide their clients  with more testing options.

We use the best technology, work with the top rated labs in Canada and are associated with an experienced Medical Review Officer.

The SDI Health trained collectors/technicians provide DOT and NON-DOT Drug and Alcohol testing services to meet your needs.
This includes:

  • Pre-employment, pre-access, random & all occupational related drug testing.
  • Drug testing for a wide breadth of industries
    • This includes professional athletes
  • Post-incident drug testing
    • Job site incident or vehicle related
  • Demonstrate your social responsibility to the communities you work in.

Our team will travel to your site to provide private and confidential testing services, or we also have a testing area in our Nisku location, where you can send someone to be tested.

The SDI Health helps ensure a healthy and safe work environment  through providing valid drug and alcohol testing to meet the  requirements of your drug and alcohol policy.

eScreen Drug and Alcohol Screening

Express or Lab-Based Testing

Drug Screening Results
Urinalysis Drug Screening

Types of Drug Testing

SDI Health occupational drug and alcohol screening technicians perform express testing, or collect the sample and send it to our Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) certified laboratory.

Express (pre-screen)

  • Tests can be conducted at our testing facility or we can come to your workplace
  • Immediate release of negative test results
  • Non-negative results are sent to our lab to confirm the levels of the substance detected in the body

Lab Based

  • We collect your specimen and send it straight to our lab
  • No results will be given at time of collecting
  • Allows us to determine the level of multiple drugs using a single sample
  • Confirms non-negative screening results
  • Negative results should be released in 24 hours, positive samples may take up to 72 hours

Alcohol Testing

Alcohol testing determines the current alcohol level in a person’s body.  This is measured as a Breath/Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)

The level can be used to indicate whether someone is impaired and/or unable to safely perform their work duties.

At SDI Health, our technicians conduct alcohol testing using a RBT IV Alco-Sensor IV device.

Each technician is trained and certified based on U.S. DOT (United States Department of Transportation) standards.

Our procedures are the same that the police force across Canada must follow.

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Drug & Alcohol Testing

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