The COR process can be a stressful time for everyone.  It is important that you understand the requirements needed for your company to become certified and to familiarize yourself with the process we have in place to help you prepare.  This is where the SDI Group comes in.

Before you get started, first ensure your company is eligible. Any company with more than 1 employee can apply for COR, if your company has 10 and under employees, you may be eligible to apply for SECOR instead.

The SDI Group can support in partnership, to help you reach your goals through navigating and providing clear direction on what the requirements are to achieve this goal.

Some simple tips:

  1. Pick a certifying partner that matches or complements your industry.
  2. Ensure your critical job inventory matches your hazard assessments completed.
  3. Implementation through leadership training, COR requirements and meeting OHS legislation.
  4. Understanding the three verification techniques (Documentation, Interviews and Observations). Documentation needs to meet the COR standard.  Our SDI Group – Plan, Do, Check, Act approach can help with this.  The interview process is a 20 to 30-minute interview on the key elements of your system. i.e. “Do you know the main points of your Health and Safety Policy?”
  5. An observation tour for COR is not an inspection but an evaluation of the system you have put in place. Ensure postings, checklists are complete.
  6. Have you completed your competency reviews on all staff performing the job tasks assigned to them?

Note: For large COR holders.  Have you completed your inspections and committee meetings as per policy?

Contact us for more tips and support to ensure your audit is stress free…

- SDI Team